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The KLIP by HOJ - Magnetic Grinding Power/Scandinavian Design

Adriano Barei

Designed by Simon Folmann, HOJ’s CEO. The KLIP aims to change everything you expect from a grinder.

What makes the KLIP so special?

There are so many things to note about the KLIP, that it is hard to know where to start, so let's begin with the most obvious, the minimalist design of its exterior, which applies the  bases of ergonomics and scandinavian design resulting in a decorative piece which you can easily lay on top of your desk like a piece of contemporary art. One which you can easily grab and use to transform the whole atmosphere of the room it is in.

As we go inside it, we’ll note the strong magnetic binding, which holds all the 4 sections of it together, guaranteeing a steady grind along your duty, catching all the kief your flower leaves behind.

On the first chamber we find is the grinding compartment, where we’ll find one most interesting mechanism I’ve ever seen on a grinder, which is formed of:

A bottom string, which you can change to get bulkier or finer grinds.

The penta-blade system which is inspired in an aquatic propeller, which as you turn your grinder, cuts through the flower in a way no other grinder can, giving us textures that could in other ways only be achieved by using small scissors, which results in a better air-flow on any joint or bowl you pack.





The last and top part is a robust triple sided anchored blade, which fixes the smaller lower blades into place and crushes any weed jumping upwards during the grind. All while connected to a gear system which only works when the KLIP cap is placed.





The middle chamber is where we’ll find all the grinded flower material which is ready for use. The result will change depending on the strainer size you’ve fitted into the bottom of the grinding chamber. On the bottom, you’ll find a finer strainer which will avoid smaller particles to get mixed with the kief.





Lastly, we find the lowest chamber, or as some like to call it, The Kief Vault  which will hold all the trichomes which fall out of your material while grinding and will fill up faster as the quality of your flower increases. Remember to use it every once in a while, so it doesn’t grow stale and loses all of its terpenes and cannabinoids.

So, how do we sum it all up?

The KLIP is the best grinder we’ve seen so far, being an extraordinary gift for any of your stoner friends, being sure it can be used over a lifetime given the proper care. Also, the design is on a different level, making it perfect to showcase around the living room or office without the need to stash it up when non-stoner visits show up.






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